Amatara Residences Rayong: Ultra-Luxury Wellness Living Unveils Beachfront Retreat

03 Nov 2023

As the demand for luxury real estate continues to rise, "Amatara Residences Rayong," a massive project spanning 92-3-12 rai, developed by Grand Asset Hotels & Property, a leading real estate developer in Thailand, and managed by "Amatara Welleisure Resort," a well-known and successful Holistic Wellness brand from Phuket, is moving ahead with its ultra-luxury residential development. The company has also unveiled the Master Plan model of "Amatara Residences Rayong" for the first time. It includes 3 and 4-bedroom beachfront pool villas that are ready for occupancy. Additionally, the second-phase development plan has been revealed, which offers the first and only sea-view pool villas on a hill in Rayong, along with the province's first luxury "Sky Bar" boasting breathtaking panoramic sea views. An important aspect of the project is its exceptional service and world-class residential standards. It comes with extensive facilities to cater to the health and well-being lifestyle, which is gaining momentum in the new normal era. The company is preparing to transform this mega project into a world-class residential and vacation home destination that promotes a healthy lifestyle. It aims to create the only integrated wellness community in Rayong, further driving Rayong and Thailand to become wellness tourism hubs of the world.

"Amatara Residences Rayong" collaborates with three renowned design companies, namely Nava Design Studio, That IS ITH Interior, and IBUKU Design Studio, known for their focus on sustainable architecture and environmentally friendly materials. Notably, Amatara Residences Rayong is the first project in Thailand to partner with IBUKU Design Studio. With design oversight from all three companies, every aspect of the project features simple, elegant, timeless designs using high-quality materials that harmonise with the natural surroundings. The entire mountain is enveloped by more than 5,500 mature trees, which are the area's original, preserved flora. The project offers stunning views of the eastern sea and boasts top-notch facilities, including an Infinity pool, restaurant, sky bar, and beach cafe. Additionally, it provides services that promote holistic health and sustainability. This project is an ideal choice for couples seeking a lifestyle focused on physical and mental well-being, as well as for both small and large families, as it offers a variety of activities that all family members can enjoy together.

Mr. Vitavas Vibhagool, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer - Property Development, Grande Asset Hotels and Property PCL, said, “As a leading player in Thailand's real estate development, our commitment is to create projects that elevate residents' everyday happiness by meticulously designing both the project and its amenities to cater to a comfortable life. Amatara Residences Rayong, positioned as a luxury Branded Residence, epitomises the best in modern living. We don't stop at just providing exceptional living spaces; we also offer holistic wellness services in line with contemporary trends. We are proud to collaborate with the renowned Amatara Welleisure Resort, recognised with the prestigious Gold Award in the Wellness & Spa Retreat category at the 14th Annual Thailand Tourism Awards in 2023. We believe that partnering with established health brands will transform the project into a new global wellness landmark, contributing to Thailand's ascent as a premier health tourism destination. Grand Asset remains steadfast in creating projects that align with market demands, offering sound investment opportunities and functions for upscale living. Situated in a prime location at the heart of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), a major centre for both industry and tourism in the Eastern Region, the project is conveniently close to Bangkok and U-Tapao International Airport. This positioning meets the needs of both Thai residents and foreigners coming for business or to make this area their home.”

“The initial phase of project development is now completed, marking the beginning of a remarkable opportunity to own a beachfront pool villa that seamlessly combines classic style with a touch of elegant Thai charm. Currently, we have 9 fully-furnished villas ready for occupancy, featuring 3 and 4 bedrooms, with prices ranging from 55 to 135 million baht. As we move into the second phase in mid-2024, we are set to introduce an innovative concept to Rayong and the eastern region. This phase will introduce Rayong's first and only hillside sea-view villas, offering 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms across 9 houses (18 units), with starting prices ranging from 35 to 47 million baht. The design will skilfully blend modern aesthetics with the natural environment. Additionally, the second phase will bring the 'Sky Bar' into existence, an exquisite space offering panoramic sea views, a first for Rayong, destined to become the go-to spot for capturing the eastern region's sunsets. Excitingly, we have plans to launch the 'AMATARA Beach Club' project next year, a creation by IBUKU and managed by Amatara Welleisure Resort. It promises an exceptional lifestyle for project residents and will also be open to the public, much like the 'Sky Bar.' Looking ahead, we have plans to develop a condominium project with 282 units and a 5-star resort featuring 209 rooms,” Mr. Wittawat Wipakul explained the project development plans.

CBRE, a global real estate consulting firm, has revealed a significant shift in the preferences of high-end housing market customers in the post-COVID era. The pandemic has led these discerning customers to reconsider their real estate priorities, focusing more on the ability to work from home and prioritise their well-being. As a result, customers are now in search of residences that provide spacious living areas, privacy, green surroundings, and thoughtful design that prioritises resident health. Moreover, they are enthusiastic about embracing innovative, sustainable models to elevate their quality of life.

Grande Asset combines customer insights with health & well-being mega trends to introduce "WISE-Living." This concept includes four elements: "WelleisureTM," housing supporting well-being life; "Individualised," tailored lifestyle projects; "Small Steps," gradual sustainable lifestyle adjustments; and "Enjoyable," a relaxing family living experience. These elements together shape "Amatara Residences Rayong," offering superior health & well-being living.

Mr. Siri Tumpunyawat, Managing Director, Nava Design Studio Company Limited, stated, "The architectural design concept for the project is to showcase contemporary Thai luxury while ensuring privacy. Each building is meticulously integrated with the natural surroundings, preserving the existing large trees. The houses are strategically designed at varying heights, cascading down the hill to offer breathtaking sea views from every corner. All rooms feature high ceilings and expansive windows, granting a stunning view of the Gulf of Thailand, encompassing the beaches and islands, and allowing abundant natural light and breezes. We also incorporated modern building technology to enhance comfort and convenience in every residence. Additionally, each house boasts a private swimming pool and balcony, serving as a space to savour the beauty of the beach and the sea."

Mr. Palach Painupong, Managing Director, That’s ITH Interior Company Limited, said, "The pool villa project on a hill boasting a luxurious sea view stands as the in Rayong, featuring villas descending gracefully to the beach, ensuring panoramic vistas for each unit. Embracing the 'Sea to Sand' concept, it caters to the new generation of executives seeking a hideaway home close to Bangkok. Our design inspiration draws from the project's signature concept, aligning the villas along the mountainside to the sandy beach near the sea. We utilised gradient colours to mirror the sand and sea, transitioning from warm flesh tones on the upper floor to serene turquoise on the ground floor. Both levels exude a comfortable yet opulent ambiance, blending premium materials with natural elements and handcrafted accents. A light-coloured wooden ceiling, hand-painted with pearlescent seashell hues and fluttering leaf motifs, adds to the exquisite decor. The building harmoniously nestles amid the trees, offering a tranquil, nature-immersed atmosphere akin to a world-class seaside destination. Additionally, our designed 'Sky Bar' will serve as the project's fine dining restaurant and bar, featuring both indoor and outdoor sections, with various stylish seating options amidst water elements. This offers everyone a world-class sea view while enjoying a refreshing beverage. The design's core essence represents the ambiance of a luxury yacht with the 'Sail to Sea' concept, resembling a ship's deck and complemented by ever-changing, beautifully coloured architectural lighting inspired by undersea creatures, leaving a lasting impression on visiting customers."

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