Grande Asset unveils luxurious “Amatara Residences Rayong”

19 Apr 2023

Grande Asset Hotels and Property PCL has partnered with the Amatara Wellness Resort to establish a seaside estate atop a mountain that offers opulence with a holistic wellness experience. Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand and the islands in Rayong province in the Eastern Economic Corridor area, the Amatara Residences Rayong is positioned as a new destination for world-class wellness-centric living that is friendly to the environment

A new era of ethical living begins at a prime location of Thailand’s famous beach in Rayong as the Amatara Wellness Resort combines a right mix of wellness and luxury.

“The project responds to the growing trend of luxurious, healthy living that is strengthened by environmental awareness”, said Mr. Pheeraphon Nonthasoot, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing of Grande Asset Hotels and Property Public Company Limited, Thailand’s leading real estate developer.

Amatara Residences Rayong consists of 61 pool villas, 282 condominium units and 209 5-star resort-style quarters. The estate’s common facilities include, among others, the Infinity pool, exclusive restaurants and Ocean Sky Bar which complement the lifestyle and creating a superior experience for its selected residents.

The project’s latest progress sees the completion of the first nine luxury beachfront pool villas which have featured contemporary Thai style based on the traditional architecture. The villas and facilities are designed to create a seamless harmony with the nature, such as the use of natural light and organic materials with state-of-the-art technologies thrown in to enhance the quality of life of residents.

In addition, the initiative offers wellness benefit programs, top-notch workshops, and leisure activities which are geared towards promoting contacting with the nature among people of all ages, from children to seniors, so that they have had a variety of different life experiences. Its ultimate goal is to enable every resident to find their own way of being physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.

One of the most outstanding features of Amatara Residences Rayong is its ideal location. It is situated in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) where extensive infrastructure and facilities are being developed. A new transportation network is also under development to turn the EEC into an important economic centre and technology hub for Thailand and the ASEAN region in the future. Those developments will further transform Rayong as a prime location that attracts people to come to work, doing businesses and live. That will make the Amatara Residences Rayong even more prominent as an estate of choice for them as well.

In addition, the collaboration with Amatara Wellness Resort, a well-known health resort brand from Phuket with outstanding wellness services through natural methods, has strengthened the estate’s attractiveness as a wellness destination.

The collaboration between the two reputable leaders in their respective fields enables Amatara Residences Rayong to offer a unique experience and superior living with holistic wellness services — a global trend in new housing development. Amatara Residences Rayong will help elevating Thailand to become the world’s leading health tourism destination.

Mr. Pheeraphon Nonthasoot, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing of Grande Asset Hotels and Property Public Company Limited described the Amatara Residences Rayong as an opulent place in the midst of serenity.

“It lies on the coast in a prime location tucked away in the midst of nature and fertile mangrove forests surrounded by more than 50,000 well-preserved plants. The project also has various systems in place to take care of the environment around its site. For instance, there is a system for treating rainwater for use in the project, and a wastewater treatment that takes effluent upward into the top drain to prevent the release of wastewater into the sea.”

Living quarters of Amatara Residences Rayong come with sea views, the private infinity pool, spacious living room, fully fitted kitchen and dining area. In terms of services, the project provides private parking and security, premium assistance services such as 24-hour concierge services, maid service, bellboys, butlers and buggy drivers. All of these will allow residents to take their lifestyles to the next level of peace, contentment and comfort.

Amatara Residences Rayong is easy striking distance of Bangkok, only 180 kilometres from Bangkok or about 2-hour drive. Alternatively, it can be reached by air with the U-Tapao Airport 77 km away. Units at Amatara Residences Rayong are priced from 33 million baht. For more information, call 095 575 9999.